World Pizza Championship 2022: Gi.Metal, the right teammate!

After two years of halt due to the Covid emergency, the exhibition centre Palaverdi in Parma will open its doors for the 29th edition of the World Pizza Championship, to a host of over 800 pizza makers coming from 40 countries. There will be three days of competitions, but also of high level training, conferences and discussion, things which Gi.Metal has always deemed essential in its work.

By claiming “You could be the next champion, choose the right teammate!”, Gi.Metal is ready to experience the 29th edition of the World Pizza Championship, alongside the competitors, making its utensils available for every stand and awarding our latest treasure: the Evoluzione pizza peel.

While attending as a technical sponsor, Gi.Metal will welcome visitors at its stand, in a completely renewed 32 m2 exhibit area, where it will be possible to visit the entire range of professional pizza tools, including the new Redbox.
Redbox is the new pizza box for professional home delivery that maintains the quality of pizza and more; from 5th to 7th April the exclusive opportunity to test the box in action together with our dedicated staff, ready to provide any information.

Can't wait for the race to start, with Gi.Metal always by your side...we are waiting for you!
In the meantime, relive with us the best moments of the last edition by watching the video.

gimetal 2019
World Pizza Championship, Parma (Italy) 2019 edition